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Master in European Cooperation

International Master in European Project Planning and Management


The objective of the Master in European Project Planning and Management is to provide participants with the skills to successfully work in the field of international cooperation, through the use of European funding programmes.



Online and onsite international internships are guaranteed for all participants in 60 partner organizations based in 20 different countries. 



Career destinations include, International Organizations, European Agencies, Public Authorities, Universities, Consulting Companies, Private Enterprises etc. 85% of the participants in the previous editions are currently working as International Project Managers all over the world.



Since the first Edition of the Master, organised in 2012, 190 graduate students of over 40 nationalities, worldwide, attended the master course.

The involved lecturers come from 8 European countries.

Internships are organised in 20 different countries throughout Europe.



An hybrid learning solution is offered, where some students can decide  to attend class in-person, while others can join the class virtually from home. 

Online and onsite attendance options are therefore provided. The Master is indeed offered either as a classroom-based or online-based programme.

It is up to each student to decide whether to enrol for the online or onsite course.

Students choosing the online option, can decide wether to attend synchronously or asynchronously.



The approach used, for both the classroom and online solutions,  is based on a constant integration of theory with practical, hands-on experiences

Practical simulations are carried out for each topic analysed. The practical simulations also make use of the services, databases and documentation made available, online, by the European Commission and its Agencies. 

Networking opportunities are provided for both onsite and online students in the framework of a highly interactive learning environment.

The total duration of the programme is 5 months (2 months for the classroom/online learning and 3 months for the internship).



The Master programme was a life-changing experience for most of the participants. Here are some extracts from their Testimonials.

- Enrolling in the Master programme was one of the best decisions of my lifeGuillermo, Paraguay

- Attending this Master programme was a major milestone in my career and one of the best periods in my lifeGerasimos, Greece

- The knowledge gained during the Master meant an enormous added value for my professional career. Patricia, Spain

- The Master programme served as huge input in my further career growth, development and life itself. Ani, Armenia

- The Master  programme had an inestimable value for my career. Annalisa, Italy



The programme has a total duration of 5 months.

The teaching programme is organised in:

- 2 months classroom/online based education, full time.

- 3 months of onsite/online international internship.



The teaching staff of the Master in European Project Planning and Management is composed of experts of 8 different nationalities. They all have 18 to 25 years of professional experience in planning, managing, evaluating and auditing European projects.



The International Master in European Project Planning and Management is organised and coordinated by PIXEL, an international education and training institution involved, so far,  in over  120 projects funded by the European Commission.


The classroom-based option of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management is held at Pixel, in Florence (Italy). Pixel headquarters are near the historical city centre of Florence.
The online option is organised via a dedicated distance learning platform.
Internships are held, online or onsite, at the headquarters of the partner organisations based in 20 different countries in the European Union.
Duration: 5 months (800 hours)
Start date: 18 October 2021. Asynchronous online students can start anytime.
Fee:  3 600 euro
- Guaranteed International internships in 50 partner organizations based in 20 different European countries.
- International teaching staff with long experience  in planning, managing, evaluating European projects
- A Truly International environment with students coming from all over the world and trainers coming from 8 different European countries.
- Constant integration of theory with practical, hands-on, experience
- 85% of the students involved in the previous editions are currently working as international project managers all over the world.
- The experience and expertise of the Coordinator. Pixel has over twenty years of experience in European project management and was directly involved in over 120 projects funded by the European Commission.



Enroll in the next  edition of the Master Programme,  Learn Project Management in a Truly International Environment and  START YOUR INTERNATIONAL CAREER.

More information at https://europlan.pixel-online.org/master


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