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Training - List of Testimonials

From this section it is possible to access some comments and testimonials made by participants in the previous editions of the in service training courses organized.

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Participant Evaluation
M. P.
Liceul Technologic. De Serviccii
During the course I gained new knowledge and developed my skills in European project management. I will recommend the course.
H. V.
Vrije Sint-Lambertusscholen
Very useful course to prepare a new application for European projects
S. E.
Cardiff Council
I think Pixel is a very strong and knowleadgeable organisation. Thank you for your kindness!
E. P.
Univerzity of Pardubice
The course was useful Very ineractive Trainers are very experienced and gave answers to all the questions
S. P.
Ministry of Education, Youth and Science
I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues and other institutions as well
A. P.
University of Naples
After a Master degree in International Relations at the Orientale University of Naples, I attended the first edition of the Master in European Project Management. The Master was a very well organized and focused programme. It gave me a great deal of knowledge and gained huge insight into the field of European Projects Management and Planning. I found the Master has inestimable value for my career, due a practical approach, professional tools and delivered by an International teaching staff. It gave me a great opportunity for an international internship at Hull University, in UK. Great experience! Later I landed in Brussels, where I am still working as project manager. I really want to thank you again and I am more then satisfied with the Master and its Super Staff!!! Brussels, June 2017
M. P.
University of Barcelona
I participated in the first edition of the Master in European Project Planning and Management organized in Florence by Pixel in 2012 – 2013. I chose the program from Pixel since it was deeply oriented to the labour market, with a detailed program aiming at enlarging our knowledge on the European Funding opportunities as well as improving our skills on project planning and management, as well as a mandatory internship included in the program. The master courses provide you with a wide information about projects, programmes, frameworks and funding opportunities. The internship experience was very useful for me to understand the full picture, as well as get into the working flow of the EU funding atmosphere. After the internship, I received a proposal from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) Research Park in Barcelona for a full-time job as a Project Manager in the international department of the organisation, basically, supporting projects outside Europe. I am still at the UAB Research Park, as a Project Manager under the Innovation projects unit, and from then until today that has been my job position. I do believe that the Master organized in Pixel is an outstanding gate to entry in the European funding world. Barcelona, April 2017
Z. Z.
University of Flensburg
The Master proposed by Pixel has contributed to realise my ambition of becoming a project planner and manager for European projects. The course is well balanced between theory and practice. The practical activities of the Master will result fundamental during the internship period. I have found its contents very useful because they were focused on topics and techniques which I am applying in my current job. The internship with the hosting organisation has been very successful and, after the training period, I have been asked to keep working with them as a project planner and manager, in Brussels. I strongly recommend this Master for all of those who wish to become expert project managers in the field of European Affairs while learning in a motivating intercultural environment surrounded by the beauty of Florence. Brussels, Belgium, September 2017
I. T.
University of Camerino
After a PhD and a working experience in industry, I decided to attend the International Master in “EU Project Planning and Management” in 2016-2017. The classroom course is intensive and well structured, with a good balance between theory and practice. The value of the Master is the practical group work organized by each of the trainers. These activities gave the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical concept, stimulate the collaboration and develop interpersonal skills that are fundamental in this job. The lessons are very interactive involving and stimulating. After the classroom course, I carried out a three-month internship at Evolaris in Graz (Austria) and it was a great experience! At the end of the internship I continued to work at Evolaris as Assistant EU Project Manager for other two months. This experience as intern gave me the opportunity to launch my career in the field of the EU funding opportunities and open my job perspectives. I´m currently working as Innovation & Research Consultant in a company based in Graz and I´m fully satisfied with the Master and the great opportunity to work in a stimulate and dynamic environment. Gratz, Austria, August 2017.
M. N.
University of Fribourg
The Master trainers are highly qualified as well as good presenters. The relevance of the training content was confirmed by my ability to put theory into practice during my internship. My relation with course participants was interactive, supportive and respectful. This good relationship was the basis for a successful project work. The internship was valuable. The experiences gained have no doubt enhanced my career. After the Master experience The Development Concern Centre in Ghana has engaged me to collaborate in the planning and management of EU Education and Health projects in 7 Districts Assemblies of the Ministry of Local Government for the development of these deprived district communities in Northern Ghana. Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana, September 2017
A. D.
The Master in European Project Planning & Management was the perfect completion of my studies and the basis on which to build my professional career. Thanks to it, I was able to quickly enter the labour market. After the internship, indeed, I was offered a job by a consultancy company based in Rome where I am in charge of scouting European funding opportunities and of European project planning. Among the Master’s strongest points, the relevance of the training contents, the skills and the experience of the trainers and the applied teaching method, which combines theoretical lectures and practical simulations. In addition, the final project work provided me with “on-field” experience, through which I had the opportunity to develop a real project proposal. During the internship, which I consider to be the added value of this Master, I had the chance to prove myself in a real and ideal working environment in Brussels and this relevant experience also opened up new career opportunities. As mentioned, I am currently working for an organization active in the field of EU funding, but I also have received other relevant job offers in the last few months and I was able to choose the one I found more relevant for me. Rome, September 2017
G. C.
Air Force Academy
First of all, I would like to thank you so much for the knowledge and skills gained during this amazing experience!!! During 2016, I was looking for job opportunities and/or post graduate courses. I have found the "International Master in EU Projects Planning and Management" organised by Pixel and I have decided to take this challenge with the hope to improve my professional skills and to find easier a good job. I HAVE TO SAY THAT IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE: I have only 2 days left of my Internship in Limerick Institute of Technology and I have 3 job offers on my hands at present!!! The first one is to stay in Limerick Institute of Technology where I am currently performing the internship! The second is based in Dublin, working as EU Project Manager for a SME doing projects under H2020 funding programme! And the 3rd one is for a private company in Italy, working as Project Manager as well!!! Now I have to decide which one will be the best opportunity for my professional career. I really want to thank you again and I am more then satisfied with the Master!!! I will highly recommend it! Limerick, March 2017
A. B.
University of Turin
The Master in European Project Planning and Management has been an excellent opportunity to get an in-depth training on the structure and functioning of European programmes and on the different steps entailed in all European projects, from the writing of a proposal to project management activities. The fact that all trainers are professionals with years of experience is a real plus, together with the many practical activities that provided me with an insight on the work involved in the managing of a European project. I have also really appreciated the international dimension of the course, as my classmates came from different parts of the world (France, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Armenia, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Ghana...). Working together on the writing of a final project has been engaging and exciting also from a personal point of view. The internship offered right after the training course has been one of the main reason why I decided to apply to this master and it has been a real integration to the class-based training. At the moment, I am in Spain, working for a company offering services to the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission and promoting projects in the field of
A. A.
My goals and objectives were achieved during the Master, which were to get knowledge on EU funding opportunities and their applying methods. After 2 months classroom based lectures, I started the 3 months internship in Innolabs Srl., Livorno, Italy. During the internship, under the guidance of my supervisor, I participated in the management of the ongoing projects as well as in partners meetings. After a successful 3 month internship program in Innolabs srl I got an offer from my supervisor to continue the collaboration. The accumulated one year experience in the field of EU project writing and management enriched my curriculum. Currently I am working as EU Funded Projects Consultant in an Italian consulting company named Novareckon Srl based in Novara. Summing up, the Master served as huge input in my further career growth, development and life itself. Novara, May 2018
E. I.
University of Tirana
A professional Master program led by a very successful organization. I gained a new perspective and strengthened my core needs, as well as developed my management thinking. The quality of the program was impressive. Moreover, completing the Pixel master program has given me confidence. Getting into this program was the best start I could ever get to make a career in the field of European Project Planning and Management. June 2016
I. M.
European Foot Prints
This master analyzes the methods and techniques for successfully planning and managing European projects. The training was at a high level, with a competent group of trainers. The material was prepared well, clearly, and with interesting examples. The practical training aspect, during the class room sessions and the traineeship, outweighed the lecture parts. Which I think is the strongest point of this Master. Furthermore, the environment and the atmosphere at Pixel is very stimulating and it is a great opportunity to be able to network with a diverse range of colleagues. The internship was also a valuable resource and a great learning experience which has broadened my understanding of the European funding world. The experience I gained is the best way for my future career in European Project Planning and Management and opened up a new horizon of career options. St. Maarten Dutch Caribbean, September 2016
T. L.
University of Barcelona
The Master course has been a really good personal and professional experience. I have learnt how to write and manage European projects. I met great experts in this field during the training sessions. The Master course was very practical-oriented and really connected to the working reality. The internship in Conexx-Europe in Brussels has been very rewarding and I am still working there. I recommend this master course because it can make a very positive impact in your life, in terms of working experience and acquisition of new valuable skills. Brussels, September 2016
R. L.
University of Tirana, Faculty of Law
The Master course was very well organized and structured, a good combination of lectures and practical activities. It was a great opportunity to acquire competences in project writing and management. I also had the opportunity to meet interesting people from many different countries, create new contacts and establish a network of new colleagues. During the internship I put into practice the knowledge acquired during the intensive months of study. I was involved in writing project proposals and in the implementation of ongoing projects. The internship also helped me establish new contacts and set up a new network of colleagues. If you are keen on investing in a fruitful experience, I would recommend following this master course due to all benefits you will have not only during the course but also for your future development. Tirana, June 2016
K. J.
Tilburg University
The Master course was very well organized and structured, a good combination of lectures and practical activities. It was a great opportunity to acquire competences in project writing and management. I also had the opportunity to meet interesting people from many different countries, create new contacts and establish a network of new colleagues. During the internship I put into practice the knowledge acquired during the intensive months of study. I was involved in writing project proposals and in the implementation of ongoing projects. The internship also helped me establish new contacts and set up a new network of colleagues. If you are keen on investing in a fruitful experience, I would recommend following this master course due to all benefits you will have not only during the course but also for your future development. Tirana, June 2016
K. J.
Tilburg University
The skills, expertise and experience of the trainers were impressive. The course was well managed and well organized. The classes were conducted in an interactive way, with a lot of group assignments and practical exercises. The project work was useful as we could learn how project writing looks in practice. I had the internship in APRE, the Italian Agency managing the Horizon 2020 programme, based in Rome. The internship was well organized, and very useful. The working environment in APRE is good, everyone is helpful and very open. I received a lot of feedback, advice and helpful comments from my tutor and my colleagues in the office. I was employed in APRE after the internship ended. Rome, September 2016
B. H.
University of Prishtina
The decision to pursue the International Master in European Project Planning and Management was a great step for me. Pixel’s programme is specifically designed to combine theoretical and practical lessons so the students could absorb the information and understand the process easily. In addition to the three months classes held in Florence, Pixel arranged me a three months internship in an educational public institution in Netherlands, called Landstede. This was a great opportunity for me to put into practice the knowledge gained through the classes taken in Florence. I would like to note that the host organization treated me as an integral part of the projects, thus involving me in the entire projects’ preparation and implementation phases. After completion of my internship, I returned back in Kosovo where very shortly after got engaged in two European projects in a consultancy role. Finally, I would urge the future students to use this programme best as possible as a very adequate one for those aiming to enter the European projects’ field. It does not only provide you with the right knowledge, but also triggers you to generate new ideas and how to make them happen in reality. Prishtine, Kosovo, May 2017
Y. D.
Proximus Engineering Ltd.
The master course provided me with relevant knowledge and skills on project planning and management, which are also applicable to other aspects in business and economy. The training contents were very relevant and a lot of practical activities were organized. Another positive aspect of the course were the trainers, who are project evaluators, officers in various EU institutions and experts in European projects, who shared practical insights, gained from their personal experience. The internship was also very useful, because I experienced how European projects are ran in real life. What was also great about the course is that you get to meet people from all over the world with whom you can build long-lasting friendships and future business connections. In our edition we had people from 15 different countries. Thanks to this master course I can now start planning a project for my own company. Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2016
C. D.
University of National and World Economy
I took part in the fourth edition of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management. We had a lot of practical tasks and activities to prepare us for the internship and to teach us how to work. During my internship, which was a great experience, I worked as an assistant European project manager in the international office of Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri near Bilbao in Spain. My main responsibilities were: writing project proposals for the Erasmus+ Programme (both KA2 and KA1 actions) as well as attending project meetings and conferences. Sofia, June 2016
I. A.
Luiss School of Government
I graduated in Political Science from LUISS Guido Carli and I hold a MA of Arts in European Studies at LUISS School of Government. I always thought to be more suitable for very concrete, down to earth jobs, which is precisely why I decided to attend the International Master in European Planning and Management: it enabled me to go beyond the "theory" concerning European Union and to have a grasp of what European projects were and how they worked in practice. After the three month period in Florence, I went to Porto to intern at Inova Mais for three months. After the three months of internship, I continued to collaborate with Inova Mais as Assistant project Manager for other three months. After that I was chosen to work at the British Council EU Affairs Department in Brussels. I have so far supported the application process of three project proposals, one of H2020 and two of Erasmus plus. Brussels, June 2017
A. T.
LUISS Guido Carli
The European Project Planning and Management International Master, which I have attended in 2014, let me improve my professional skills and develop capacities to find a proper job in the field of European project planning. The knowledge provided by the Master was fundamental to understand European programmes and how to write a call of proposal. The Master gave me the opportunity to be an intern at Evolaris in Austria. During the internship I had the opportunity to practice what I learn during the lessons held in Florence. I worked in an international team, and contributed to the submission of two projects in the framework of the European Programme H2020. At the end of the Master internship, at the beginning of May 2015, I started working in a strategy consulting, called Lynkeus, based in Rome. They offered me a stable position as a project assistant. Currently I am still working at Lynkeus. Rome, Italy, January 2016
A. P.
Technical University of Lisbon
Almost a year after the end of the Master I maintain the relationships established between the participants, both on a personal level but also as the beginning of a very interesting and fruitful professional network. The final project work was a very good opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the classes. In our case we submitted our proposal under an H2020 call with real partners. Also the internship is a plus in this Master because it opens a first door if you plan to enter this field of European project planning and management. I am now working in Pisa, in the same company where I did the internship a few months ago. Pisa, Italy, December 2015
A. D.
I was a student of European Project Planning and Management International Master for the academic years 2014-2015. The experience I had during the master course was excellent. I have gained plenty of knowledge and I have established good contacts which I can use in the NGO where I work. A strong point of the learning dimension was the excellent combination of theory with practical exercises in classroom. Also, there was a good balance between the modules implemented and internship in the second phase of the project. I should mentioned as well, that after the Master finished, I have submitted some projects in different programmes and 6 projects were approved. This great scale of success is dedicated also to the knowledge I received during the Master Course I had in Pixel. Last but not least, I would like to mention our great professional lectures and the staff of Pixel who made this experience an unforgettable one. Tirana, Albania, January 2016
A. M.
European Parliament
The Master was very interesting and very well organized. The trainers were well prepared and provided excellent feedbacks. Our Master class was great, we were fortunate to have such an excellent group. After my internship, I went back to work as policy advisor at the European Parliament. I believe that this Master is very useful for my professional future. If you are interested in European Project Management this is a great training which provides an in depth overview about all the different program funding opportunities and its management. Brussels, Belgium, October 2015
P. M.
Autonomous University of Barcelona
The knowledge gained during the Master have meant an enormous added value for my professional career. Apart from living a pleasant experience in Florence and making friends with whom I still have a great relationship, I obtained a full transversal knowledge regarding project management, its monitoring, planning and evaluation which nowadays I am putting into practice in my job as a project manager. The internship in Conexx-Europe in Brussels has been a great professional and personal experience. The staff of Conexx always encouraged me to develop my project ideas, by motivating me to be proactive. I have learned a lot about different sorts of project, mainly in the area of International Cooperation and Development. After the internship I was offered a job at Conexx-Europe in Brussels where I am currently working. Brussels, Belgium, December 2015
J. L.
TIAC (Transparency International)
The overall course was well organised and the invited teachers were good and experienced. Pixel team has a strong background in European Project Management and they were very helpful and friendly. I did my internship at Yasar University in Izmir in Turkey. I am currently working as Project Manager at Transparência e Integridade, Associação Cívica based in Lisbon. May 2016
F. D.
University Roma 3
I am really satisfied by the master attended at Pixel. In the two intensive months of in-class course, I have learned a lot about European Projects. I have particularly appreciated the practical activities carried out at the end of all the sessions. An other strong point of the master was the professionalism of all the trainers involved. After the master, Pixel gave me the golden opportunity to put into practice what I have learned in-class by carrying out an internship in Belgium. This international experience has been a really useful opportunity for me. After the internship, I came back to Italy, in Rome, and since 2015 I have been working in UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union, a network of almost 100 Universities from 24 Mediterranean countries. I am currently employed there as European and International Project Officer. To conclude, attending the master at Pixel was one of the best long-term investment, not only for professional reasons but also for personal ones. Indeed, some of the classmates I met at PIXEL are now among my best friends. This, according to me, is the added value of the Master at PIXEL: the effective combination of study, employment and friendship opportunities. Rome, June 2017
N. M.
Ministry of Research and Innovation
Thank you very much
V. M.
Council of Ministers Administration
Wonderful experience that I will recommend personally to all my colleagues
M. M.
Croatian Academic and Reasearch Network - CARNet
The course was very useful and interesting. Thank you for the hospitality!
D. J.
Croatian Academic and Reasearch Network-CARNet
Great course, I will recommend it.
A. A.
Agency for Social Assistance
I am very satisfied with the course!I will recommend the course. Thank you!
M. P.
Thank you for interesting and interactive seminar. Your lessons were very useful to me.
A. N.
I got lots of useful information and knowledge. Thanks for organizing this seminar. It was perfect.
D. J.
LEPL Children and Youth National Center
I would recommend collecting the information from likely participants about their expectations so as to adjust to their needs in the area
A. G.
Thanks for the professional approach and for the skills and knowledge I acquired.
F. A.
Oxford Tefl
Thank you so much for a very informative and useful seminar! You made us all feel very welcome and I will definitely go back to Barcelona with a lot of new ideas both for EU projects or some other projects.
I. S.
Ministry of Transport, Information, Technologies and Communications
The best training I have attended in terms of timetable of the activities, structure of the training material, interactivness and friendliness of the teachers!
N. N.
The course is organized with innovative methods, many practical exercises and aiming at each participants interests and needs on his professional field of realisation.
Thanks for professional lectures, for information about Firenze and for the local food served.
D. N.
Agency for Social Assistance
The seminar was very useful I would recommend it to my colleagues.
A. M.
MLSP, EFIPP Ministry of labour and social policy
Very good organization! Thank you!!!
A. C.
University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences
I appreciated the course and also the cordiality of the course organizers. I hope to join other subject-related courses in the future.
A. B.
Gymnasium am Rotenbühl
Il will definitely recommend this course to colleagues. Thank you for the great organization and the good course!
N. R.
NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
The seminar was very useful and gave me better understanding clarifying many topics that I already had experienced before. The opportunity to share strategies within the group during the activities as well as experiences were great!
M. Y.
Ministry of Economy
The programme was interesting and presented very well. Thank You!
M. Y.
Ministry of Economy
The programme was interesting and presented very well. Thank You!
P. Y.
Ministry of Economy
Thank You very much. I appreciated all the information received and the practical exercises with GANTT charts and other tools.
G. V.
Ministry of Labour and Social policy, EFIPP GD
The best course I have ever been, so I definitely recommend it to my colleagues. You are a very professional. Thank you very much for everything.
V. L.
PI Vilnius Jerusalem Labour Market Training centre
The practical activities were very involving. There were real examples and concrete cases. The contents were clear and very detailed. Everything was perfect. Thank you for such a friendly welcome!
V. L.
PI Vilnius Jerusalem Labour Market Training centre
The practical activities were very involving. There were real examples and concrete cases. The contents were clear and very detailed. Everything was perfect. Thank you for such a friendly welcome!
R. C.
This course was very useful for me. The acquired information will help me in my job to develop and manage European Projects.
A. L.
University of Pitesti
Everything was clear and well presented. Thanks for finally making me understand how the financial reporting should be done. I am not only going to recommend this European Project Management seminar to the others, I would also like to take part at the European Project Planning seminar in the future.
S. F.
Universidad de Leon
This is a seminar I highly recommend! Everything was perfect! Congrats!
M. L.
Landstede Salland
I am enriched by this seminar.
A. B.
National Commission for Further and Higher Education
The seminar was very well prepared. Also trainers giving out the talks were very well proposed and always ready to listen to others and help them in the best way possibile.
V. A.
National Commission for Further and Higher Education
A very good course, very well organized. Well done. Thank you.
J. S.
Ministry for Education and Employment
Very interesting indeed. I would recommend to the the staff involved in the implementation of EU co-financed projects. Keep up the good work!
H. J.
Province De Liege
Thank you very much. I'm just proud to have the opportunity to follow such a good training seminar.
J. B.
Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Course was great, very useful and I appreciated the open and professional attitude that our teachers had. I will use all the tools you provided. THANK YOU!
F. Z.
Ministry of European Integration
The tutors made the training very friendly, besides being very professional!
M. P.
Ministry for Education & Employment
I would like to keep in contact with Pixel for further training opportunities on EU. The tutors were exceptional and very approachable. Well done!
N. G.
Ministry of European Integration
I already did recommend this course! Keep up with the good work. Thank you for the experience.
A. C.
Ministry for Education & Employment
Thanks for a great, interactive week. I would be extremely interested to participate with Pixel in any future projects/initiatives, should the opportunity (hopefully) arise! Thanks!
K. B.
Ministry of European Integration
I would definitely recommend this training course to others
I. Y.
European Funds, International Programmes and Projects, Directorate General at Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
Every topic of the course was followed by practical examples and practical activities. I will recommend this course and Pixel to my colleagues.
M. S.
Ministry of Education Intermediate Body for Research
Ideas and practices acquired will be implemented in my monitoring and claims verification activities
C. M.
Ministry of Education Intermediate Body for Research
I have a very good impression about this course. Well structured. The trainers were great. I will definitely recommend you as a training institution and also a partner. Thank you very much for this amazing week!
E. D.
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
The trainers were very well organized and all the material was very well presented.
K. M.
Oxford Brookes University
Exceptional organization of all aspects. I think that every person running a EU project or applying for grant should attend this course. Andrea is a fantastic teacher who engages his students well. He gives a very positive energy to the class and is extremely knowledgeable. It was a fantastic course, well balanced with work and social. An absolute must for everyone in EU project management. It has been a truly wonderful time.
N. K.
Arcada University of Applied Sciences
Engaging and clear content. Extremely well structured. Extremely good delivery. Well done! Thank You!
C. K.
Esenler Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu
Thank you very much for this amazing week. We not only got info about project process but also had a chance to inhale the air of your great cities. This week will be unforgettable...
G. G.
Izmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Coordination Center
The course was very well organized. Everything was thought on behalf of us and for our benefit. Thank you very much for your hospitality.
C. A.
Ministry of National Education
An excellent course. Thank you!
J. S.
VEBU - Vegetarierbund Deutschland e.V.
A great course, I am very grateful! Thank you! Mille grazie!
D. O.
Lambeth L.A.
Thank you! A very well organised and useful course.
A. L.
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Very well organised course! Every topic of the training course was followed by practical examples and practical activities, which was very good.
J. G.
University of Pardubice
I was very satisfied. I will recommend this course and Pixel to others
T. S.
The SOR foudation
A very good course that is highly recomendable. Thank you Andrea and Elisabetta!
E. R.
Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)
I would really recommend this course to all pearsons or professionals that are involved in European Projects. I was very happy to have such professional experts from Pixel to teach such subjects on European Projects.
P. B.
CFL - Centrum for Flexibelt Larande
Very knowledgeable teachers and participants. I enjoyed the practical approach and the good discussions carried out in the class.
I. B.
Kaunas Regional Innovation Center
Very qualified and experienced lecturers. Very well developed course program. Thank you for the course :)
A. I.
Managing Authority for the Sectoral Operational Programme
It was a very interesting course. I liked every part of it.
A. R.
Ministry of Education-Research Activity
Thank you for the course and for all the useful information that I got.
M. K.
The Penitentiary in Olsztyn
This training course was excellent! I'm going to recommend "European Project Planning" to my friends, and other local authorities. Thank you very much for a so great week in Florence!!!
M. I.
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
It was a good opportunity to learn more about how to write a project and how to apply for European funds. Was nice to meet other people involved in such projects.
F. A.
Çamlıyayla National Education Directorate
Thanks for the valuable information provided during the course and for your sincere behaviour towards us.
T. U.
Sütevaka Training Center
Thank you very much for everything! Thank you also for all the good materials that gave me a further good overlook about the content.
V. S.
Good structure and methology. Personally I will describe the training course very inspirating, full of important informations, useful advices and relevant tips. I would like to congratulate the trainers for their professional skills.
F. S.
DECO- Portuguese Consumer Association
It was a very good experience and I have learned a lot. Thanks to this course my organization could get involved in European programmes.
N. K.
Ministry of Economy, Managing Authority for the SOP
The course was very well structured. Trainers were capable transmitting information very clearly and the teaching methodology was truly innovative
V. P.
Hungarian Parliament
Thank you very much for organising this course for us, it was very useful to get a taste of what European project means. Thank you so much for your patience and care.
S. I.
Association for Roma Community Development SUMNAL
I will live to say that you do your job very well! Thanks I have learnt a lot from you PIXEL.
A. D.
Istrian Development Agency
Very skilled teachers with great experience.
A. T.
Seneca College
The initial idea of studying at Pixel was to travel and learn something practical that I can use in my career. Right now I can without a doubt say that I have satisfied both criteria. The most useful parts of the course were application submission, EU priorities, partner search and budgeting. Most of the professors who taught us were interesting professionals. Learning from them was a real pleasure. The internship at Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland was very interesting. I participated in project meetings, cooperated in research activities, wrote reports and strategies, collaborated with project partners and submitted applications. I also participated in conferences and workshops and even met a president of Ireland M.D. Higgins. It was a great experience, and I definitely miss them already. I started my own business during the internship and it is now going well.
R. P.
University of Bologna
Attending the Master in European Project Planning and Management gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over Europe and deepen my knowledge in the field of European funding opportunities. International professionals held sessions covering both the planning stage of a project proposal and the practical management, giving us valuable concrete advices. Each theoretical session was accompanied by practical exercises aimed at gaining experience and strengthening our ability to work in team. The Master organized for me with a three months internship at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since the first day I carried out concrete tasks related to the projects that the University was coordinating and I felt really accepted and integrated into the team. It was a very positive experience. I was very happy that with my team I worked on tasks very consistent with the position I was covering there. I acquired new skills and I met professionals who taught me a lot and with whom I will definitively keep in touch.
D. O.
Ministry of Education and Culture
Very well structured and focused programme. Very useful! I have gained a lot of knowledge. Pixel has a very successful and long experience in European project planning and management. The Master was based on a practical approach and delivered by an international teaching staff, it offered a great opportunity for an international internship and was organised in the fantastic city of Florence. I would highly recommend this Master programme.
A. M.
University of Cagliari
The content of the Master in European Project Planning and Management at Pixel is very rich and it offers a number of very good and professional trainers. We performed different practical activities each day, so whatever we learnt we could immediately put into practice. The class was composed by students from very different backgrounds and this was interesting and enriching. The best part was the final project work, when our team synergically put together ideas and efforts for creating a project. The internship played a very relevant part of the Master: it was the chance to have a practical experience with ongoing projects and a very good basis where to develop new future ideas. I believe that the participation to this Master has provided me with useful tools and will definitely open new doors in this field.
M. K.
University of Cyprus
Very well structured and focused programme. Very useful! I have gained a lot of knowledge. Pixel has a very successful and long experience in European project planning and management. The Master was based on a practical approach and delivered by an international teaching staff, it offered a great opportunity for an international internship and was organised in the fantastic city of Florence. I would highly recommend this Master programme.
E. K.
University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca
The master course combines theory with practice, which helped better understanding aspects related to European projects. The Master provided the main entry points and the opportunity to create precious contacts. The trainers were experienced professionals. My internship at Instituto Tecnologico de Galicia was very useful and ended with a further cooperation. I am still cooperating with them on a Horizon 2020 call and I am very pleased.
C. I.
University of Palermo
Pixel is a great organization with a long experience in formulating, managing projects and teaching about the EU dimension. I had a great time in Pixel, full of study, work, ideas, brainstorming, practical activities, self-improvement and full of life. In only few months we were taught how to recognize the best call for proposals, how to deal with a new proposal and how to give it life according to the EU priorities. They gave value to our individual personalities to make each one of us aware of our capacities. My internship was very successful. I am happy to say that my experience in Zinev Art Technologies in Sofia, Bulgaria cannot be more marvelous. I have the luck and the honour to work with colleagues whose kindness, respect and loveliness is beyond comparison. From the very beginning they have listened to my ideas. They gave me the possibility to submit an entire project of mine with my name as project manager. And we still have plenty of visions we will carry out together. I want to be nowhere else but here. I am proud to speak in present tense because my coordinator and I realized that we were not able to say goodbye and she asked me to be officially part of their amazing team.
L. G.
University of Perugia
Pixel provided us with training with high-level professionals with several years of experience in the field of European project management. We worked on analysis of European funding opportunities as well on development of effective project ideas; creation and management of transnational project partnerships as well as planning of financial aspects; monitoring and evaluation of European Projects as well as dissemination, exploitation and sustainability to external audit procedures. I carried out my internship at Moverim in Brussels. I was given immediate responsibilities over the consultancy’s daily activities. I started checking funding opportunities related to the field of Research & Innovation and I attended info days, seminars and events. I also had the opportunity to develop my own project ideas, while being advised by Moverim professionals.
C. D.
University of Pisa
The International Master in European Project Planning and Management provided me with both the adequate theoretical and practical basis to fully accomplish the tasks assigned to me during the internship period. The training contents were appropriate and well developed by European experts with long and extensive experience in the field. The multicultural class composition definitely represent an added value of the Master. The precious chance to get in contact and to collaborate with such a wide outreach of participants’ cultures is a great opportunity to become familiar and confident with the international work environment. The internship has been a deeply appreciable professional and human experience. Since the first day I have been included in the team and I have been involved and actively committed in the on-going projects activities. The internship has now developed into a work collaboration.
L. C.
University of Rome La Sapienza
Taking part in the International Master in European Project Planning and Management was a very fruitful and intense experience. It represented a good opportunity to acquire competences in writing a successful project proposal and getting familiar with the complex dynamics of the project management. The practical activities gave me the chance to put into practice what I learned and to receive feedback. During the course I had the opportunity to meet interesting people from many different Countries and to work with them in a very challenging atmosphere. I carried out a successful internship in Germany where I have been involved in the submission of two project proposals under the Erasmus+ Programme.
A. C.
University of Bologna
The International Master in European Project Planning and Management has been a really good experience for me. The strong point of the master is the combination between theory and practice. Pixel gave us specific knowledge which was absolutely indispensable during the internship period. The multicultural composition of the class prepared me to work in an international environment and the fact that several activities (including the final project work) were carried out in groups helped me to develop team work skills, fundamental in the field of the project management. I attended my internship in The Netherlands at Landstede School of Vocational Educational. My experience was of high value. In Landstede I was immediately involved in the submission of two Strategic Partnership and one Mobility project. I had the chance to fill the application forms and to participate to the preparatory meetings where my opinion and my point of view were always considered. After the internship I am back to Italy and I found a collaboration for the submission of a project.
M. R.
[email protected]
The master content is wide, the amount of hours demanding and you will receive a comprehensive knowledge to build a real expertise. The trainers are really competent, with several years of experience in the field. Both the trainers and the course participants come from different European countries creating an international environment which also facilitate the social relations. The Internship is a great opportunity to put in practice the knowledge acquired as well as an important international experience.
F. G.
University of Turin
The International master in European project planning and management has helped me to acquire new specific and precious skills for my academical background. I was graduated in international relations and with this master I deepen the European and management dimension. I appreciated very much the chance to work abroad through the internship.
M. G.
University of Turin
The Master in European Project Planning and Management was well-organized in term of trainers and contents and well-balanced with theory and practical activities. All of these have been useful and consistent with the internship's tasks: I was directly involved in the preparation work for the project proposal, so I was lucky to have done practical activities as final project work during classroom course! Furthermore I liked the job experience abroad during which I developed several skills as Project Manager Assistant.
C. B.
University of Florence
The master gave me solid theoretical basis and practical skills in EU project management. Through workshops and case studies, the Master also gave me the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with experts in the field and to acquire the skills necessary for the preparation of European projects. The multicultural and interdisciplinary composition of the classroom is also something extremely valuable, as it gave me the opportunity to work in team and establish contact at a truly European level.
V. T.
Regional Development Agency east (RDA EAST)
I am glad I had the opportunity to participate to the training course (5th edition) and learn new things that I can utilize in my work.
U. J.
Linnaeus University
Thank you!!!
Keep on!
A. M.
Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment
Congratulations for your work!
E. B.
Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment
thank you!
E. K.
Thank you for providing such kind of course that was very good.
A. P.
Institute for Marine Biology, Kotor
Great thanks to people from Pixel for their effort during the course and also for organizing everything for us.
E. S.
SISSA Medialab Srl
Excellent experience! Thank you.
D. V.
St St Cyril and Methodius high School
I liked very much the clear practical knowledge and organisation.
S. F.
Center for Education in Education
I liked very much the trainers!
L. D.
University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova
The trainers were just great! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
S. P.
Tuscany Regional Council
I liked very much clarity and detailed explanations of the contents.
G. O.
I liked very much tolerance of trainers and the content of the course.
L. V.
Magenta Consulting
Very useful for anyone who wants to work in the European Projects Field. Excellent balance between in-class activities and online course. Very recommendable.
A. G.
Varazdin County Development Agency
It was a great week! The course was very useful. Thank you!
S. D.
Burhaniye Town National Education Directorate
Thank you for everything!
J. v.
The Challenge / ATO Education
very usefull!
V. G.
Kaunas County Public Library
Grazie Pixel team!
B. G.
City of Dublin VEC
Excellent Course! Very Informative!
D. A.
Sevki Atasagun Government Hospital, Department of Pathology
The course was perfect!
I. S.
European Institute of Romania
I will strongly recommend the European Project Planning to other colleagues
H. H.
Norwegian Peace Association
Thank you for a great week!
M. V.
Centre for Adult Education KISP (catholic institution for social promotion)
Thank you, I feel ready to compile a project proposal.
J. S.
Centre of Continuing Education – Teachers’ Continuing Education Institution
Thank you very much! I am very satisfied and I wish you all the best!
M. L.
I am very impressed by Elisabetta and Andrea; they were both very professional, well organised and very nice person. And the rest of the staff was also very nice. Hoping to meet you again.
K. K.
Zukunftsbau GmbH
Thanks a lot for everything!
M. K.
Oulu Vocational College
Very good and informative experience!
R. B.
Siauliai municipality day social care centre “Goda”
Thanks a lot and good luck in your future work!
F. R.
AOC Terra VMBO-Groen Meppel
Very good!
C. K.
Frans Suell & Jörgen Kocks Gymnasium
It was all very good!
M. T.
Non-governmental Enterprises Association
It was really good course: thank you!
I. D.
Grupul Scolar Elena Doamna
Good work: grazie!
I. I.
University of Galati
I acquired very usefull information, knowledge. Thank you for your well organised and good work that you - Elisabetta and Andrea, have done for us.
I. G.
Rezekne city educational department
Thank you!!!
M. G.
Siauliai University
I have a very good impression about this courses! Thank you!
A. G.
I2ER Institut Européen de l’Entrepreneuriat Rural
The course has been organized in a way that we succeeded in a short time in approaching most of the concepts involved in Project management both theorically and practically.
M. S.
JOY of creation
Very well-balanced, well structured, informative course, recommended for all managers involved in European projects. Well done! Thank you very much!!! The best course ever (from the ones I have attended) :)
V. I.
University of Duisburg-Essen
I will definitely recommend you as a training institution and as project partner. Thank you for everything!
J. D.
Agency for the support of regional development Kosice
Thank you very much!
A. N.
Hässelby Gymnasium
Very, very stimulating!
M. J.
Instituto De Secundaria Serpis
Very good!
M. K.
The Adult Education Authority of Göteborg
Very good!
J. S.
Centrum Socialnich Sluzeb Praha
Very good course!
J. M.
Personal Power Club
Very good!
K. K.
STEP Association for Education and Progress
Thank you!
C. A.
The teaching staff’ s House
A. F.
Language Link
Really very good!
A. O.
Latvia University of Agriculture
The programm was based on practical experience, it's excellent!
D. K.
Very good!
J. G.
O.A.L. F.P.E.
It was very interesting to learn from someone with as much experience as Pixel staff. Thank you!!
M. K.
Very satisfied! Thank you!!
S. C.
The National Trust
A very great experience: well done!!
D. P.
Second Chance School of Neapolis
The whole course was very good, and the hospitality of Pixel was excellent. Thank you!!
P. P.
e-ISOTIS (Information Society Open To ImpairmentS)
I find it important that all my questions were answered. I found the behaviour of Elisabetta and Andrea excellent! Florence is "the city" to organise such seminars. Well done!!
J. H.
I just want to thank you for this excellent course!!
J. A.
Thanks for the course. I can use the information immediately when I get back to Finland
P. D.
Eduwise Limited
I enjoyed the course very much and would like to thank and congratulate Pixel on a very professional and interesting course!
M. D.
Volkshochschule Mainburg e.V.
M. B.
Special School No. 10
I would recommend this course to all future project managers.
A. M.
Southern Regional College
An excellent course with lots of strategic information as well as practical information. Thank you!
A. N.
Constanta Maritime University
Thank you very much for the lovely opportunity to learn new things and meeting kind people from different countries.
M. M.
Escola Superior de Educação
It is a well structured and well organised course in a very good educational atmosphere. Thank you!
R. K.
Vilnius University
Thank you!!
E. N.
Viittakivi International Centre
The staff of Pixel was very friendly and supportive; which gives one confidence. Overall everything from the organisation to practicallity of the course was perfect and excellent.
I. B.
The Psychological and Pedagogical Support of the Timis County
I am very satisfied by this course from all points of view. Thank you very much!!!
B. N.
The Northern Ireland Childminding Association
Thoroughly enjoyed course. Good balance between course work and social/cultural activities. Made very welcome by Pixel, greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything!
C. C.
Cyprus Productivity Centre
Very well organised seminar! Thank you! Our Teachers were just excellent!! Visiting Florence and participating in this seminar was a great experience forn me. I just hope to meet again either in Italy or in Cyprus or in any other european country for a seminar or even for a project. Thank you very much!!
S. W.
Very good atmosphere in the group and between Pixel personnel and participants. Excellent organisation and information!
M. B.
University of Sussex
Thank you all very much
M. V.
Directorate General for Foundations
This week was very good for me. The course content, classroom atmosphere and beauty of Florence were really good. The course was very useful for me. Thanks for all. I hope to meet again anywhere. Best regards.
A. L.
The course was executed by a highly motivated and very well organised group of people. Both material prepared and didactical approad and methods used had the successful learning of the participants. The teachers were excellently prepared! The course can be recommended any time and I am hoping for many more to come on different topics in regard to European projects.
P. J.
I'm satisfied by: - The contents - Pedagogy: it was easy to follow even with a low level in english because there is Power Point and teachers speak clearly - Meeting participants: ideal to create a network
V. M.
Kaunas University of Technology
I really like the organisation of this course. I am really happy to participate in this course!!! Thank you for taking care of us! I am waiting for you in Lithuania! My doors are open for you everytime! Vida
L. V.
Campaign For Learning
This course is very clear and structured and really ensures the whole process is covered. Elisabetta has great knowledge and I would have liked to discuss more of her management experience. I have had a great time in Florence. Thank you!!
C. J.
MERIG – Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz
Really very professional, well organised and structured course. Information before and during the course was excellent and ther was hardly need for further questions. The content of the course itself was presented very properly and professionally by Elisabetta: she really seems to be very experienced in the PM of EU projects and was willing to share her specific knowledge! She spoke a very good and clear english and also had a suitable way of explaining things. All persons involved from Pixel were very friendly and competent. Congratulations for the design and carrying out of the course.
I. K.
Verein zur Förderung von Frauenerwerbstätigkeit im Revier (VFFR) e.V.
The trainers were excellent! The coordinator did a very good job.
D. B.
Verein zur Förderung von Frauenerwerbstätigkeit im Revier (VFFR) e. V.
It was great knowing Pixel. The teacher was very well prepared and presented the contents very clearly. I hope we can keep in touch!
E. J.
NGO Preili Women’s Club
The course gave a lot of information about finding of information about EU funding opportunities and gave good ideas and potential partners for further projects. Thank you! Good luck!
V. A.
Iceland MS-society
Very professional approach to everything, the course, material, and "service". Nice and charming staff, good work!
E. K.
Esai en Roi Company
It is very, very useful. I feel much more confident. I can find programmes well adjusted to my aims. I can search partners. I can trust and can have help/support from the forum of Pixel. Thank you so much!!
N. J.
City College Brighton and Hove
I found the whole course very interesting. I enjoyed the opportunity of meeting the other participants and hope to work with some of them in the future.
S. L.
Theatr Fforwm Cymru
Thank you for your hard work. Net working was excellent.
J. J.
Loures City Council
I would recommend the course!!!
A. M.
Polytechnic Institute of Porto
When I saw the programme of the course I wanted immediately to attend it. Florence was an added-value.
A. A.
Polytechnic Institute of Porto
It is a very well structured training course.
F. F.
Associação Centro de Cursos Livres
I liked it very much and I just can say thank you for your dedication.
M. D.
Secondary School of Pombal
The subject of the course is actual and interesting. It is also a good opportunity for the participants to meet future partners.
A. H.
Very good course, good structure and good teacher: thank you!
S. C.
University College Cork
I found the course very interesting and informative and I think that the cd-rom will be a very useful tool for future reference.
A. M.
Scottish Marriage Care
I enjoyed the course immensely. Tha teaching was excellent. The atmosphere in the class was excellent and I have learned a lot from fellow students who are more experienced in european funding applications. I will keep in touch some members of the group have expressed an interest in future projects and we have exchanged info. Everyone here has been so welcoming.
N. H.
The River Leen School
An excellent course which would run well for many organisations. Thank you!
R. M.
Wilsthorpe Business Enterprise College
Great course, really useful! Well done everyone involved.
G. O.
Development and Education Centre Novo mesto
I will recommend the course to others. You were really good !!!
A. H.
Grupul Scolar De Cooperatie
The course offers excellent opportunity to broaden professional and personal horizons.
M. N.
Wexford Area Partnership
The course's tools and methodologies were very useful to me, a lot of material was covered in a short period of time. The sessions were intensive and challenging. The course offers excellent opportunity to broaden personal and professional horizons through interaction with collegues from other European countries. It also facilitates opportunities for sharing of best practice between participants. It was well structured, and challenging.
M. W.
Accord Marriage Care
Thank you: it was a very good experience to travel to Florence and attend this course. Special thanks to Anna who was so helpful and accomodating from first contact. I was pleasantly surprised at the degree of Pixel's commitment to participants, for example coming to meals at hotel, tour and dinner on Thursday, etc. Thank you!!
M. K.
Afyon Kocatepe University
Thanks a lot for everyting. You have taken all details in consideration!
T. H.
MJK Institute
Very Good!
B. C.
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Thanks for everything and for your patience!
B. D.
Turmschule Grundschule
I am going back to work with many new impulses. Thank you!
C. W.
Cvo Vivo
It was my first experience with a course in another european country and for me it was a great experience.
S. T.
Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria
Thanks for everything! I wish you success in your further work and everything the best for you all team!
Z. S.
Vilnius Pedagogical University
I appreciate very much the amount of the material prepared for us and the way it is prepared. The information is very detailed and easy accessible. Everybody was very professional, programme was planned very well. Elisabetta you are a great teacher! Thank you Pixel!
G. S.
Maison De L’Europe
Thank you!!
A. O.
Educons Srl
A very useful course, very stimulating and challenging. Elisabetta has excellent trainer skills, she is full of energy and she even transfers not only knowledge but also energy and positive thinking. The entire Pixel staff is very friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxed.
I. G.
Rezekne City Council
Thank you for the course! To all Pixel team!
M. D.
The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation
Congratulation to the Pixel's team!
M. B.
Valka District Council
I must say thank you for a carefully planned presentations. Thank you for a perfectly organized and distributed information. Thanks for having a great time!
I. A.
It has been a wonderfull week, learning new skills and developing new ideas for future projects and/or partnerships.
G. S.
University of Plovdiv
The course is very useful for my further work in EU project programmes.
A. R.
Polytechnic Institute of Porto
It is very interesting to learn from "someone" so expert as Pixel: it is very useful! The idea of continuing the course at home is very important, so we can continue the collaboration and the communication started in classroom.
A. R.
Very well prepared! Knowledge given on clear way. The course covers a large area.
K. L.
Public Primary School in Evia
Excellent work from the part of the organizing team. Very friendly atmosphere. The tutor was perfectly prepared.
A. G.
Riga Managers School
The course was very well organised and useful. The balance of time between studies and free time was also good. Thank you very much! Pixel is providing a good example how the Institution should work to be successful in the European Projects. This "unexpected result" was very important part training! All the best!
A. D.
University Of Malta
I liked the way Pixel organised and structured the course. The Social Events were excellent. Everyone at Pixel was so friendly! I look forward to collaborating with Pixel in the future.
Y. C.
Personal Power Club
This course was a great opportunity for me, as it gave me and I'm sure all the other participants, a great insight and knowledge regarding project management. I will surely recommend it! Keep up the good work!
K. A.
Personal Power Club
Thank you!!!
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